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Why Software Piracy is A Bad Idea

Software Piracy is the name and not getting caught is the game. To date Software, video, gamer, music piracy is looked at as, not that bad. No matter how untrue the statement, perception is reality and we can only do our best to show what reality looks like. Despite a pretty rigorous ad campaign from Hollywood in theaters, and active pursuit of illegal web downloading, the world is seeing big increases in software piracy. These cheap software files, movies, games, and music don’t always come with a “FREE” price tag. As a matter of fact, we have found that up to 97% of these downloading sites contain Malware, Spyware, and Viruses waiting to be downloaded via “Free Software”. This is just the beginning of what can happen when downloading illegally.

Now ask yourself; do you really want to run the risk of getting caught? In some parts of the world Software piracy has become an epidemic. Sometimes piracy usage rates skyrocket as high as 70% pirated software vs 30% licensed or more according to the huffington post. The serious nature of this offense is often times masked by the “FREE” price tag, but the next time you think about downloading illegally please consider the following:

What are you actually downloading?

When you are using unverified, spammy, websites you are running the technological gauntlet. There are techy hackers out to highjack your session, files, computer, life, and more by posting bad files to downloading sites. There is no real way to know what you are actually downloading at these sites and you could be downloading something serious like malicious software, or these worst of the evils, Ransom Ware.

What will the Product Quality be like?


Often times when downloading pirated software you will get far less than you bargained for. There are a lot of inexperienced techs out there that ruin the software they rip and you suffer the consequences. One of the serious sacrifices you will make is that the software will usually forego much needed security patches and you will be left with your technical pants down. If you thought going to school naked was bad, wait until you get kryptolocker.

Your Employees Can Get Paid to Turn You In

There are organizations that are actively advertising on the radio, TV, and internet that they will give you a reward if you report a business for using pirated software. If you weren’t wondering who it was, you definitely are now! If someone has the incentive and the means to get paid doing it, you might be out of a job.
If you are amongst the software pirates out there you should know one thing. The federal government is out to get you, and they are enlisting the help of your employees. The fines are astronomical, and you will could lose the ability to use any of the pirated software, or legally purchased software again. This is all beside the severe financial penalties inflicted by a lawsuit, and any damages you might end up paying. Most importantly, and obviously… Pirated software is in no way HIPAA Compliant.