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Are you really HIPAA Compliant?

When operating a company that deals with HIPAA Compliance, the largest worry is always security. How do we operate at such a high level of security when I am constantly having to run a complex business? Companies tend to shy away from HIPAA Compliance issues because they are so time consuming, and there is no way to maintain compliance with their current work load.

What we sometimes forget is that there are ways to streamline the way you do business and make time for HIPAA Compliance. There is often so much going on we fail to see the answers in front of us because we are always struggling to keep up. When we look at our current daily operations there is one common function throughout the practice, and that is Technology. Health care professionals are put in a difficult situation and aren’t always given enough time to consider all the options. We would like to show you what technology can do for you.

Let Microsoft host your documents:

HIPAA Compliant Hosting Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 allows you to grant specific access to files, and projects all in a HIPAA Compliant way! Now, instead of hosting 3 separate servers to manage all your documents securely, you can rely on Microsoft. Microsoft is willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement, and they take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect your ePHI. That means you save a significant amount of money up front, and eliminate large amounts of data backup. By relying on Microsoft you can always have access to your files, and have the security that comes with working with a fortune 500 company.

Office 356 has even made it possible to manage your meetings by recording presentations, or even allowing for interactive remote sessions. The next step in this process is bringing Skype for Business into the equation. Skype for business is going to be a great HIPAA Compliant way to have video conferencing! That means you don’t have to let distance stand in the way of completing all the much needed meetings, trainings and collaboration that comes with running a large medical practice.

The focus of your company should be on your clients and patients. Don’t spend needless hours fussing over failing servers and create a reliable network. The solutions are easy when you have the right people to help implement them.